Jake with Toy

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Categories Anal Sex, solo scene
Video Description: Jake is back with us, this time ready to stick something up his ass. This red-blooded, strawberry blond is a real guy. He's big, he's buffed; there's absolutely nothing unmanly about him. Yet there's a twinkle in his eye as he confesses he's keen on playing with his ass. A few girlfriends have planted a few toys up his bunghole, but this is the first time he's gonna do it to himself. He grabs a string of latex balls which he stuffs up his hole. His face reddens with excitement as he strokes his prick and inserts another ball. Being the showman that he is, Jake turns around to show us his packed ass. He gingerly pulls out the spheres, his sphincter slowly stretching open to release each orb, then quickly snapping shut. He stuffs the balls back in and continues to play with his dick until he finally shoots gobs of goo.


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