Huge #2

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Video Description: Blond gymnast Peter Hanson walks out of his country cabin just in time for biker buddy Andy Fuller to arrive...with his good looks, tanned skin, and piercing blue eyes. Before long the men grab each other, their body heat building wiht the closeness of their embrace. Peter drops to his knees and Andy opens his fly...exposing his hard cock. He drives it deep into the begging mouth and choaking throat...feeding Peter's insatiable cock-hunger. The young athlete feels Andy's tongue, hot and wet, lapping and biting those smooth firm mounds of assflesh. Andy's teeth tear wildly at the sweaty jockstrap, soaking it with the spit from his watering mouth. Crazed and hungry for body and ass, he reveals even to himself the fierce intensity of his most hidden and savage male instincts.


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