Heavy Hung

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Video Description: Heavy Hung: Allen is a super hung jock, but in this film he is with a great stud, hung even heavier than he is. During a heavy 69, Allen tongues David's big cock and you can tell he sure as hell digs it. In the top position, Allen sinks his huge piece of meat deep into David's throat as David thrusts his even pigger piece into Allen's beautiful hot mouth. David begins to choke and when he pulls away to get his breath he finds himself looking straight into Allen's smooth young ass. He spreads the firm cheeks and exposes the most beautiful warm pink hairless little asshole he's ever seen. David looks at it, licks it, and then darts his tongue in and out as far as he can. Allen is overcome and plunges his big cock deep into David's young ass with all the force he can muster and blows his cum all over. David groans and cries out, «Shit man, you sure can fuck!»


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