Heath with Toy

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Video Description: Heath is back, ready to hit another one outta the park. Besides playing with his mighty bat, he's got a few toys to slide up his chute. Sprawled naked across the couch and looking oh-so-fine, he manhandles his equipment, grabbing his cock and jacking up and down its length. He fingers his ass, then slips a digit inside to tease the hole. Feeling cocky and confident, and greased up with a dab of lube, he coaxes the buttplug gently into his ass. It slips inside easily and feels so good. Heath is sighing with delight. Then he grabs the manrammer and that long latex pole slithers up his crack just as smoothly; his sphincter opening up with ease and swallowing it all the way up to the hilt. Whew! Heath is having a ball as he continues to yank on his crank and cram his crack. He switches back to the buttplug and when he has it tightly secured and buried inside, he shoots his load all the way up his hairy chest, exploding in creamy spurts and dabbing his lips with spooge.


  • Heath Anthony Picture

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