Green Door

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Video Description: Loitering outside the Green Door, Drake Jaden looks dangerous, yet so appetizing. Nash Lawler is definitely interested; he knows the young man with all those piercings and tattoos, reeks of spirited adventure. They kiss and fall into each other’s arms. Then Nash gets down on his knees, pulls Drake’s romper stomper out and starts to suck it. The punk’s cock is big and long, but Nash manages to stuff his mouth full. They switch positions and Drake slurps Nash’s cock down his throat. Out of the blue, Nash starts having second thoughts about succumbing to this carnal entanglement like it's a forbidden fruit and he tries to leave. Drake beckons him to follow him inside, beyond the Green Door and he does. Safe inside, Nash drapes himself over a chair so Drake can slide his tongue deep inside his manhole. Invigorated and feeling bold, Nash rams his dick up Drake’s ass and fucks him like a madman, grinding his dick in and out until they both climax and cum.