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From: Georgio
Video Description: Georgio is a Romanian hunk, raised in Hungary, now in America, and ready to make some money. He has a girlfriend from Germany who's now joined him and he digs wild sex. Positions don't matter to him; the wilder the better. 'Nuf said ... and our olive-skinned European stud gets to the task at hand. He methodically undresses. The removal of each article of clothing is well thought out and executed; he even folds his pants. After he drops his briefs, he stands and poses, showing off his nicely muscled, completely shaved body. Quite an impressive mass of foreign intrigue! Georgio then sits down on the couch, his legs spread wide apart, one leg up, one leg down and begins to stroke his uncircumsized cock. He starts out slowly then accelerates, sliding his hand faster and faster up and down the shaft. Finally he lets go and the milky spooge seeps out of his dick head and spills over his hand, completely covering his fingers. He is spent. He leans back - having met all expectations and satisfied - and gives the camera a sly smile. Not a bad finish to a job well done.


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