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From: Gabriel
Video Description: It seems a lifetime ago since Gabriel was here and now he's back for an encore. He watched his first video and then let his ex-girlfriend see it. The verdict: it wasn't his best work. He knows he can do a lot better. Now that he's got the chance to prove it, he's ready and up for the task. Gabriel remembers the first time he fucked a girl. He was 16, a drummer in a garage band and she was the singer. The music wasn't that great, but the sex was good. But what is good sex? Gabriel has obviously thought a lot about it. All he knows is that when it's done, it is truly amazing. So Gabriel gets going, beating his meat to a nice and steady beat. He picks up the pace, drumming on and on. The rhythm is non-stop and staccato, building up steadily and then with a quick bang, he climaxes and shoots.The best bit about this video is watching Gabriel in the shower. He really is beautiful. He washes himself thoroughly, his hands gliding all over his lean tight body - his defined abs, his thighs, his chest, the crevice of his ass. The water trickles down the length of his penis shaft and drips from his pendulous, low-hanging balls. Some guys look good all wet and soapy; Gabriel is one of them. He rinses off and stands there just drenched, making us wish we could be that lucky towel to caress his body and sop him all up. He's like good sex. Truly amazing.


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