Full Up!

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Video Description: Nicholas Clay and Brad Davis rendezvous by the jacuzzi and the swirling waters churn hot and quick just like these two young bucks. Brad dives onto Nicholas's plump cock, swallowing the meaty member, sliding his mouth up and down the long shaft. they kiss, then quickly switch places so Nicholas can suck Brad's equally impressive cock. They 69 on the ground, their heads bobbing in a syncopated rhythm. Nicholas proceeds to fingerfuck Brad, inserting one, two, then three fingers up his hole, sliding them in up to the knuckles. Brad rims Nicholas's asscrack, his tongue darting in and out of the hole. Then Nicholas upends Brad and plunges his cock deep down into his hole. He rams his ass like a fierce and steady jackhammer until Brad cums, then Nicholas jerks himself to orgasm.