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From: Frank
Video Description: Frank is quite a looker. He’s tall, dark and handsome, and it’s hard to concentrate on what he’s saying. Alright, let’s rush through the chatter. He’s an exhibitionist; he loves sex; he loves showing off. He’s not nervous because he’s pretty secure; hasn’t told anyone about this so it’ll be our little secret; has never done anything with a guy though he is curious; hasn’t jerked off in a while because he gets laid regularly. Okay enough already ... let’s start the show. Thank God he’s horny now!Frank gets up, strips off his black tank top and flexes his muscles. Whoa! Then the pants come off and he’s down to his tight blue bikini briefs. He plays with his package, rubbing and jiggling its hefty contents. His big hands run up and down his chest and crotch; the sensation is titillating ­– for him as well as his audience. He slips his panties off, steps out of them and there he is – an irresistible mountain of naked muscles, all tanned and shiny, with a very fine coat of black hair. He licks his left palm and starts to stroke his cock. His manmeat is long and hard (7.5” to 8” depending on how aroused he is – he’s measured it!) and his hand slides up and down the shaft in a steady motion. Wow ... he is a vision to behold whether he’s standing up, kneeling down to show off his fine round ass and balls, or just sitting back – his clenched hand in constant motion, stroking, slapping, and squeezing his dick, until he finally unloads and shoots his wad. He’s beat ... we’re all beat ... but let’s watch this one again.


  • Frank Picture
  • Frank Picture

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