Dripping Wet 2

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Video Description: A brisk swim in the pool renders both Spencer Reed and Heath Anthony jazzed up and eager to get things going. Spencer leans back against the side of the pool, posed like the mythical siren luring an enthusiastic admirer to his fortuitous and fateful destiny. Heath hungrily licks Spencer’s pierced nipples and plants kisses on his plump lips. Then the big bruiser pulls himself up, sitting on the pool’s edge, his horsedick coyly showcased inside his wet briefs. Heath takes the meaty slab out and wraps his lips around its mushroom tip and slides his mouth up and down the entire shaft. They get more comfortable on a chaise and start to 69, swallowing each other’s dicks down to the base. Heath buries his face in Spencer’s ass, tonguing the wrinkled hole. Then he mounts Spencer’s pole and takes off on an ass-splitting ride. He next lays down on his back and Spencer continues pummeling his hole, driving as far inside as he can. They both finish themselves off, jerking their cocks to explosive climax.