Dripping Wet 2

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Video Description: TJ Hawke finds babe-alicious Jason Pitt at the end of the pool, looking petulant and desirable, so hungry and wanton. They kiss passionately before TJ stuffs his dick into Jason’s mouth. Then he bends over so the blond can jab his pointed tongue inside to tease and tickle his asscrack. Soon it’s TJ’s turn to feed and he eagerly gobbles up Jason’s cock with gusto. Having eased the young waif into the dizzying throes of pleasure, TJ then sinks his dick into Jason’s puckered sphincter and fucks him hard. They gyrate and pivot into every conceivable position so that TJ’s cock can really plunge the depths of his partner’s hole. The piledriving is relentless and Jason ends up jacking himself off to heighten the buzz he’s feeling. The action only stops when both TJ and Jason let go and spooge all over. Satisfied and content, they chill out in their pool of love as the soothing waters continue to churn all around them.