Down Home

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Video Description: Under the hot rays of the afternoon sun Jeff Hammond snorkels out to Mitch Taylor's boat moored in the river...interrupting a sun-soaked masturbation session. Startled but very turned on by Jeff's sleek form, Mitch invites Jeff home for a shower and sex. Under the stream of water Mitch worships Jeff's form - caressing his butt, sucking his huge thick cock, exploring every well-hewn muscle with his tongue. Slowly he moves from Jeff's massive cock to his ass...warming and opening Jeff's hole. Totally turned on, Jeff and Mitch return to the bedroom for some heavy duty fucking. Jeff plows Mitch with unyielding zeal. Thrust after thrust takes the studs closer and closer to sexual abandon. At the apex of desire, Jeff and Mitch erupt in a spectacular explosion of cum.