Knockouts And Takedowns

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Video Description: Hot boxers Michael Keys and Devin Adams are wrapping up a workout directed by Coach Tucker Phillman. As soon as the coach is out of sight, Michael and Devin get down to some intense pole sucking and ringside rim jobs. Michael's so turned on by the sparring that his wide cock is out quickly and he dick feeds Devin mercilessly. Devin's shorts are off soon and he dips his huge rod deep down Michael's mouth, guiding him with his hand firm against the back of Michael's head. After this swap of oral pleasure, Michael delivers a mouth-watering ass eating to a fully spread Devin, who then takes Michael's cock in his ass like a champion. Devin has his hands on the mat and his ankles resting on the ropes while Michael grinds at his gripping hole leaving Devin's prize-winning bubble butt bouncing back with every stroke. Devin turns around and holds onto the corner of the ring as Michael continues to relentlessly slam his cock deep into the accepting hole. The jocks complete this round with Michael holding Devin's head in place as he delivers a face full of jizz. Devin yanks on his chain and drains his package coating the center of the ring in cum.