Derrek Diamond Solo

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Video Description: No beatin' around the bush here, Falcon's newest Str8Man is a diamond in the rough. Derrek sits back to play with himself. He massages his bulbous dickhead, tweaks his nipples, rubs his balls; he knows exactly what to do. And he looks brilliant! Those big hands on that big dick; that fuzzy chest and belly; that tight nutsac. He works his cock so hard making it stand so stiff, so rigid; it looks so ready to explode ... but not quite yet. Derrek gets on his knees and displays his amazing ass. His sphincter looks deliciously puckered and dark, buried between those round buttcheeks; his toes are clenched tight as he continues manipulating his cock. Sitting down again, he sees a drop of cum oozing out of the piss slit. He swipes it up with his finger, brings it to his lips to taste its salty sweetness. And then with the camera positioned slightly below ball level, Derrek's tower of power erupts like a geyser, leaving him panting hard and exhausted. Derrek Diamond is a dazzler!


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