Deep South: The Big And The Easy, Part 2

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Video Description: Josh Weston arrives at the ball in a horse-drawn buggy cloaked in the thick black density of a New Orleans evening. As he presents his invitation, a masked attendant points him toward the action in another room where Jimmy McGuire, Andrew Phillips, Daniel Sinclair, Christian Taylor, Anthony Shaw, and Brad Benton are enjoying an orgy of fleshy delight. The group approaches Josh, exposing his stiff cock and removing his mask. The envelope him with their erotic attentions: sucking his cock and balls, running their hands over his muscled form, and probing every crevice. Soon the group has diverged into a number of pairings. In twos and threes the men fuck and are fucked. Jimmy McGuire fills Anthony Shaw's hole while Josh fucks Brad Benton from behind. Masked attendants look on from the periphery of the room. The couplings merge and separate in every possible erotic permutation. Finally the group settles back into the center surrounding Anthony Shaw as each man strokes himself to orgasm, blanketing Anthony in a thick coating of sticky satisfaction.