Deception, Part 1

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Video Description: Before packing for a short trip to the country, lovers Josh Weston and Shane Rockford are making out hot and heavy in the bedroom. Shane sucks Josh's long cock and fingers his tight hole and then they switch and Josh sucks on Shane's rock hard prick. Josh sits down on Shane's face and gets a nasty tongue-lashing before it's Shane on his stomach taking Josh's huge pole up his perfect butt. With legs spread, we see every inch of Josh's hot cock disappear up Shane's hungry hole, as Shane grunts and groans with every thrust. Then they switch and Josh proves that he can take it like a man as he gets pounded by Shane's thick piece of meat until he explodes in a sticky white mess all over his rippled abs. Shane pulls out and pumps his thick, creamy load onto Josh's stomach, mixing their cum together leaving both men drenched in sweat and spunk.