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Video Description: Unable to evade his pursuers any longer, Johnny Gunn is captured and thrown blindly into what will for him soon turn into a den of iniquity. Bewildered and frightened he finds himself surrounded by his two masked assailants and three other men who are strapped up and bound. The mystery men release the fettered captives -- Tristan Jaxx, Tyler Saint and Derrek Diamond -- to sick 'em on the hapless Johnny whose fears of becoming the target of their frenzied manlust is quickly realized. The ungodly trio of studs circle their trapped prey and one after the other penetrate Johnny from both ends, fucking and getting sucked off. Tristan and Tyler's hedonistic hunger grows more savage as they stuff their cocks simultaneously into Johnny's butthole for a double penetration. The action grows sweaty and finally climaxes with the brutish trinity showering the worked-over Johnny with their cum, marking him as their rightful booty.