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Video Description: Marc Williams delivers Dominik Rider the ultimate insult: he fights like a girl. Fighting words indeed and the two decide to settle it in the ring. The bell clangs and the pugilists dance around, trading blows and quick jabs. After a series of punches, Dominik is down for the count. He's out cold. Like any victorious warrior, Marc enjoys the spoils of war. He strips Dominik down to his jockstrap and starts to feast on his asshole. Dominik slowly recovers and happily submits for more, the tongue action sending him into orbit. He's still on the ropes as the brown bomber starts to fuck his hole. Marc is fucking him so hard, Dominik's seeing stars and he starts to jerk himself off until he cums in his hand. Then he sucks Marc's licorice stick until he gets a blast of jism in the face.