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From: Clint
Categories solo scene
Video Description: Clint is a blue-eyed hayseed from San Antonio. He comes across a little bit rough. Rough meaning somewhat naive and something of a hick. But he's only 18 years old and his aw-shucks innocence and slight twang make him so damn likeable. He's just a babe in the woods, having lost his virginity 6 months ago but he's already had sex about 10 times! The best sex so far was with his girlfriend in the back of her Honda Civic. They were scrunched up, the windows were foggy, it was sweaty and sticky, but it was awesome. Now we've got him and even though Clint just jacked off a couple of hours ago, he's ready to surprise us and go at it again. He strips down to his shorts and flexes his muscles. He checks his package then slips off his boxers and starts whacking away. You can tell he's had a lot of practice with his right hand as he strokes his meat with focused precision. He's really concentrating hard on his performance as he keeps his eyes shut closed for the duration. When he finally cums and shoots his load, Clint flashes the biggest shit-eating grin! Golly Gee! Totally adorable!


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