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Video Description: I like Bronson Deamer a lot. He’s direct, he’s confident and so cool. There is no artifice to this guy. He states matter-of-factly why he’s here: to jerk off, to show us how he jerks off and he hopes we enjoy it. This is an activity he’s mastered at home, jerking off at least 3 times a day: once in the morning so he can wake up right, once at night so he can go to bed right, and then there’s the middle of the day and what better way to pass the time?Bronson undoes his pants and pulls his cock out. He begins to stroke it and the slow, measured movement of his firm grip sliding up and down the shaft causes immediate satisfaction. The physical pleasure registers strongly as he rolls his head back, his eyes shut closed; he bites his lower lip. He is a wondrous sight to behold as he lounges deliciously naked on the couch. His left arm is up behind his head, showing his big bicep and lickable armpit. He arches back as his right hand continues bobbing up and down. Bronson starts working a bit faster, his breathing quickens and then he explodes, shooting geysers of cum all over. Very impressive indeed. We like him big time.Earlier, Bronson stated there is no girlfriend, but he is taking applications. Hmmm, wonder where we can sign up.


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