Blind Lust

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Video Description: Christian Wilde, the tall young stud with a stunning face and a stiff cock, has his eyes covered with a blindfold as he approaches some steps where Brody Wilde is sitting with his blindfold around his neck. Brody didn't want to play the blindfold game, so he tells Christian that he can help him find his way by directing his cock right into Brody's eager mouth. Sitting on the steps, Brody gives head like Christian's is the last cock on earth, sliding his lips over the long, amazing cock while playing with the balls attached. Christian wants to see the face that's giving him such immense pleasure, and Brody's cock is rock hard showing from under his tighty whities. Christian wants to give back and he gets on his knees to service his blind find. Sucking and licking on Brody's cock leads to turning him around and fingering his tight hole and prepping him for Christian's massive dick. His leg up on the railing, Brody takes Christian's thrusts like a pro, and Christian gives him every wide, long inch pulling all the way out and then jamming it in. Brody wants to ride the big boy and Christian lays down on a deck chair so Brody can slide down to the bottom of Christian's pole repeatedly. Then Brody lays back and let's Christian drive his cock home until he fucks a hot huge load out of Brody, which gets Christian so worked up that he pulls out and shoots a long steam of cum toward Brody's face.