Bobby South with Toy

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Video Description: 'I want to say one word to you. Just one word. ... Are you listening? ... 'Plastics.' That classic line comes from the film “The Graduate” and it could just as easily be directed to Falcon Str8men latest standout Bobby South ‘cuz he loves his toys. In fact, he’s had a serious relationship with latex novelties shoved up his bunghole for some time now. What I like about Bobby is that he makes no apologies for what he is or what he does or what he likes. His approach to life is straight-on and direct and this self-confidence is so damn appealing. So let’s watch Bobby at play with a trio of plastics – from a stumpy jellied butt plug to a slick firmer one, and then it’s an easy graduation to a big black Falconcock. Bobby handles each apparatus with skilled aplomb as he slides them into his hole one after the other while simultaneously jacking off his big piece of meat. After several minutes of deep penetration, and with the thick dildo firmly planted deep inside his ass, Bobby finally climaxes and shoots his load – a happy boy with his toy.


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