Big Delivery

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Video Description: When Bill Marlowe and troy Hunter come home, they find their package from the JOCKS Athletics Company has arrived. They're both eager to check out the video, but they start playing with each other instead. Troy wastes no time in sucking Bill's cock...savoring the big dick as it stiffens full in his mouth. The two studs are catapulted into an oral frenzy of dick and ass eating that has them growling for more. The action gets hot, heavy and very intense as Troy begs to have Bill plow his hole. Bill is eager to explor the depths of Troy's ass and he pushes the huge cock deep inside. Thrust after thrust makes their wildest dreams reality as their bodies meld together pushing and pulling like the pistons of a well-greased engine. As Bill fucks Troy's ass raw, neither of them can hold out any longer - Bill pulls his fuck tool from the warmth of troy's pummeled ass and shoots his load. Troy shoots his own as he sees Bill's eruption pour forth.