Big Bang

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Video Description: Dark and handsome Storm is thumbing through a magazine when Luc Francois knockss at the door. When Storm lets the sexy Frenchman in, he is overwelmed by the desire to make it with Luc. Storm is soon surveying Luc's taut body with his hands, exploring the rippled stomach and the chiseled pecs. He eyes Luc's hard round ass and rips away the tight jeans that are between him and that firm flesh. Storm begins to probe the muscular mounds with his tongue and moves toward the hot pucker, penetrating deeply with his wet tongue, causing Luc to squirm in ecstacy and anticipation. Luc's desire grows and he pulls Storm's dick out of his shorts and beings to work on the long thick shaft. His tongue licks the ridge of the big cock head and moves down the pulsating shaft. With his cock throbbing from luc's deepthroating, Storm works up his animal desires and throws the stud on his back and pummels him hard and deep causing him to groan from unbridled ecstasy. Luc is in such a state of frenzy he moves on top of Storm and sits on the stiff prick repeatedly slamming his ass onto Storm's crotch. the two studs are soon moaning from the flow of cum moving from their balls to their piss slits and finally bursting forth in all directions.