Best Men, Part 2 - The Wedding Party

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Video Description: Killian is there to interview the wedding guests and finds Zeb Atlas in the shower. They decide to make a more interesting video greeting. The cameraman shoots the muscleman soaping up, the suds sliding off his brawny arms and chest, luscious ass, monstrous pecs and abs. Zeb's killer smile soon gets Killian naked and in the shower, thrilled to be sucking cock. All jacked up, Killian stretches Zeb's asscheeks wide apart so he can rim his hole. Zeb fucks Killian every which way, each thrust making him moan with pleasure. The action is so intense that when Killian shoots his load, he almost falls over. He then begs Zeb to cover him with his spooge and is gladly rewarded - all of the hot action caught on tape.