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From: Austin
Video Description: At age 31, Austin is one of the older guys to appear on this site. But like a lot of his cohorts, he’s a virgin when it comes to jacking off on film. He thought it would be cool to meet new people, make some money at the same time, and this is an experience he’s been curious to see if he could do. And the only way to find out if he’d like it is to try it.Austin once put an ad out on Craigslist and got hit up by a couple. It was the wife’s birthday and her husband wanted to give her something she really wanted: a threesome with a perfect stranger. He met them at a hotel and it was crazy. She kept looking at her husband for approval or something when she was about to suck Austin off. It felt kinda trippy cuz hubby just wanted to let her do whatever she wanted to do. Austin went along with the program and gave her a celebration to remember.It’s been about a week now since Austin's jacked off – which is a record – so he’s got all this pent-up energy and probably a fountain of jizz to shoot. So he goes to it ... there he sits, cool, cute, naked and spanking the monkey. You can tell he spends a lot of time at the gym as his lanky frame shows off a nicely muscled body. His cock is stiff and his ballsac looks tight and packed. He strokes himself non-stop – sitting, standing, then laying down. All that handaction has him breaking out in a sweat. His body is all stiff and strained as he's ready to climax and, just as he predicted, he shoots a lot, I mean, a lot of cum across his belly. He collapses in a heap and lays there exhausted. In the shower, he's pleased as punch. When asked if he’d ever tell a girl about this, Austin replies, “Sure ... why not? Doesn’t everyone want to try a porn star?” Hey, Austin, forget the girls, you’ve got your fan club here!


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