All Night Long

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Video Description: Tony Idol is pleased to serve...and sometimes, he serves to please! Brawny Brant James is the lucky guest serviced by muscular Tony, who strips and spreads his tight inviting hole for Brant. Tony can't wait to get his mouth around Brant's long fat cock. He sucks Brant's rock hard dick and feels every inch slide down his eager throat. Brant shudders in pleasure as Tony slips an ice cube into his mouth before going down on that hot cock-tool. Like fire and ice, the strange erotic sensation of an ice cube melting in the velvety warmth of Tony's mouth sends shivers up Brant's spine. He grabs Tony's head and buck his hips up into his mouth. Then Tony straddles Brant's broad muscled back, plunging his tongue deep between Brant's cleft asscheeks. Aroused, Brant slides his thick cock into Tony's tight hole and fucks Tony with hard fast strokes, bouncing the stud on the bed as he rams him. Brant soon shoots a thick load onto Tony, who milks a last drop out of Brant's cock before jetting his own cum all over his taut stomach.