All Night Long

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Video Description: Resort guest Alex Kincaid takes a three-way sex break with hunky employees Tony Idol and Cory Evans. Tony starts off in the middle with dark-haired, dark-eyed stud Alex licking his balls and sucking his cock. Alex soon moves up Tony's muscular body, nibbling on the other man's firm hard nipples. Soon Tony and Cory are sharing Alex's ample dickmeat, deep-tonguing each other's mouths with Alex's glistening cock between them. Alex grabs both their heads and slides their spit-slicked lips slowly up and down his hard throbbing cock. The torrid threesome continues as the trio take turns eating ass, sucking cock and fingering tight puckered holes. Tony and Alex take turns getting fucked by Cory's huge cock, all the while sucking each other's stiff pricks. Finally, Tony squats on the concrete bench to take the huge 'Long Dong' Sean Davis dildo up his ass. Cory and Alex sit on either side of him, watching wide-eyed as Tony takes every last inch of the huge dildo. As Tony's asslips stretch wide to accommodate the six-inch-around monster, Cory and Alex shoot their loads.