All Night Long

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Video Description: Cory Evans always gives perfect service - instead of tips, he likes to get serviced back! Sexy blond Peter Bishop is the lucky customer this night. Cory serves up his thick tock to Peter by the pool, shoving his long thick prick into Peter's hungry mouth. He face-feeds the blond stud inch after inch of his cock, but Peter has an appetitie for more than just cock...he licks and tongues Cory's puckered hole letting Cory ride his face over and over again, rubbing his slick sexhole against Peter's open slurping mouth. After fingering Peter's hole with first one, then two fingers, Cory is ready to take care of another of Peter's hungers - this time, with his hard dick up Peter's tight cock-starved hole. First up against a palm tree, then squatting over Peter's ripe upturned ass, Cory fucks Peter mercilessly. Peter's whole body shakes with groans as Cory thrusts his long hard tool into Peter's tight yet slippery ass. Finally, Cory shoves Peter's face between the globes of his muscular ass and rides the blond's face again as he shoots his load onto Peter's chest.