Ace In The Hole

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Video Description: 'Ace In The Hole': Tom and Mark, two horny studs are shootin' the bull in their dorm; broke, dateless and bored. Tom suggests a game of poker. 'Strip Poker,' he adds with a big grin, 'Just to make it more interesting!' 'Sure,' says Mark,' why the hell not?' It's a fast hot game as both studs end up bare-assed and hot-cocked. 'Ready for another hand?' Tom asks with a bigger grin as he reaches over and grabs his buddy's big dong. Too hot to argue, Mark leans back and turns on to Tom's stroking fingers and hot cocksucking mouth, finally playing his ace in the hole as he plugs his buddy's butt. Ramming his spit-slick pecker all the way, he deals Mark a full ass of hot stud ball juice! It's a winning game, all the way!


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