Heavy Hung

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Video Description: Tom, Dick and Harry: This is a wild threeway with two leather guys ganging up on one dude and really working him over. With a cock in his mouth and one up his ass, Harry becomes too hot to care about the gruelling punishment his ass is taking. The thought of getting it shoved into him by two strangers made his own cock hard as a rock and bursting to come. It was too soon, he wanted more cock up his ass and mouth. The dude in the back kept fucking harder and harder. Harry felt the guy's cock growing bigger and it started to hurt him. Just then he heard the bastard start to moan and he knew he was about to get it rougher. Harry's ass was really burning as he felt the guy's cock swell and fill his ass with hot cum. Harry reached down for his cock just as it burst into a heavy spasm and shot forth huge globs of his own cream.


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