The Biggest Of Them All

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Video Description: I ALWAYS WANTED YOU, Part 1: Tom isn't exactly innocent, but he hasn't had sex with another guy since he was 13. Yet now at his feet, begging him to give in, is his best buddy Dan. Tom feels his lust heat up; but his first instinct is to push Dan's hand away. He holds back, though Dan in no time starts chewin’ on his cock, and then on his fine ass. There’s a lot of golden hunkiness for Dan to discover and he takes his time, savoring every tasty inch of Tom’s body.I ALWAYS WANTED YOU, Part 2: Its round two for Tom and Dan, this time though, with the blond babe administering to his buddy’s sexual wants. He starts by jerking Dan’s cock hard until he cums, then he rolls over and surrenders his ass for the taking. Dan plays with Tom’s asscheeks and hole, but just can’t resist that hard dick he was chomping on before, so he starts sucking on it again and is rewarded again with another big shot of cum.I ALWAYS WANTED YOU, Part 3: Now it's too late; the two friends have gotten too hot. Tom and Dan just can’t get enough of each other. Once the flood gates were opened, all bedlam let loose! And this time Tom fucks Dan in the ass – the perfect ending for his perfect end.


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