Christopher Ashlee with Toy

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Video Description: Christopher started in the adult industry about three years ago when someone randomly asked him to do it. He chuckles that money was his motivation, but backtracks to claim it’s really all about the sex because “Sex is definitely better than money!”Christopher lays back in bed, his legs spread wide apart giving us a direct view of his big uncut dick and balls. He looks hot, his chocolate skin melting into the chocolate sheets, as he grips his boner with one hand to stroke it firmly while he tickles his crack with the fingers of his other hand. He grabs a set of balls to slide inside his asshole, but he’s really tight as he barely gets the first orb in. He finds more success with a butt plug, shoving most of it through his sphincter. That little slice of latex heaven is doing the trick because Christopher swoons as he continues ramming it in and jacking off faster and faster. He finally climaxes, panting as the white spooge oozes out of his piss slit looking so creamy and tasty.