Leo Giamani Fucks Tristan Phoenix

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Video Description: Tristan Phoenix is like a door knob. Who’s gonna take their turn next? Anyway, he’s become the go-to bottom of the hour. This is his third pairing and who better than Leo Giamani to put the screws to him? Tristan is down on Leo’s dick immediately. He stretches his lips wide to accommodate its girth; but once in, he glides up and down the shaft easily. They switch it up and Leo takes his turn, popping Tristan’s prick into his mouth. Then Tristan starts rimming Leo’s asshole, his tongue tracing the flesh as it slides from the moist cleft down the perineum until he reaches Leo’s succulent danglers. As Leo lays in bed, Tristan bounces up and down the big man’s big stick like a crazed Jack-in-the-Box. Then they fuck doggie style, then with Tristan laying on his back. There’s no stopping this ass assault, but who’s complaining? Especially with the two climactic bursts of spooge that finally punctuate the frenzied action.