Luke Marcum

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Video Description: We're lucky we got Luke Marcum right now. You know, that period when a young guy is straddling dorky adolescence and blooming handsomeness. And that's what Luke is all about. He's adorable in a quiet way with the potential to become more dazzling; a cutie-patootie whose boyish smile belies the hefty arsenal of virility he's packing. He comes off kinda goofy but sweet as he gushes, 'guess I'm here to show off'.Luke opens his pants and out pops his dick. It's already hard. His trimmed bush makes the rod look huge and as he strokes away, it seems to grow even more. He drops his trousers to reveal his big bag of balls, thick thighs and calves. He continues to jack off, deliriously happy and intent on doing a good job. Then he stretches his legs apart to fingerfuck his asshole. His genitals blush ruddy against his pale skin as he jerks himself off faster and faster. And then ... he finally climaxes, leaving globs of his gooey cum all over his clenched fist.


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