Leo Giamani Fucks Beaux

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Video Description: This is the first time Leo and Beaux have been paired together which is something they’ve both been looking forward to. Beaux has bottomed a few times before and liked it, but he’s never had anyone as big as Leo is purported to be. They start making out, kissing and fondling each other. Aroused and hungry, Beaux slides Leo’s pants down and starts to suck his cock. Leo is indeed a big boy; his cock is huge. And Beaux really knows how to work his mouth around his partner as he sucks away, licks the shaft of his meat, swallows his balls, bites his nipples, and plants occasional kisses on his thighs and belly. Then Leo just plows right in, jamming his dick far up into Beaux’s tight chute. He pumps vigorously from behind, then lays back so Beaux can ride him. Then the two sit down side by side and jack themselves off, grunting and grimacing as they each blast jets of spooge.