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From: Brandon
Video Description: Show him the money! This 23-year-old Los Angeleno is doing porn for only one reason - the money. Brandon is straight and swears his girlfriend isn't gonna find out about this 'cuz it probably wouldn't work out too well if she did. Sexually this dude sez he's 'in-between'. (I wonder what that means. Hmmm.) He likes to have fun and go crazy, but not too crazy; as for fun, he keeps active with football, soccer and basketball. And regarding that girlfriend - she's the aggressor and this handsome jock has no problem with that.Brandon doesn't masturbate much; he prefers actual in-your-face-bumping-uglies sex. But it's been about a week since he got his rocks off, so he's looking forward to relieving the pent-up tension now. So let's get the ball rolling ... He disrobes except for his tight black briefs, then lays on the bed and starts to jack-off. Now hard and erect, he slips off his undies, looking totally comfortable and oh-so-desirable in his skin. He continues playing with himself. This sexual athlete is as steady as they come; every stroke on his cock deliberate, measured and well-executed according to the game plan, until ... Touchdown! ... Goal! ... He shoots and scores!


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