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From: Trey
Video Description: Trey is a chocolate bonbon who’ll appeal to everyone’s sweettooth! Direct from Dallas, this 23-year-old cutie-pie’s here for his first shoot – ready to make some money and just have some fun. He’s been working out to get ready for this shoot and he's as capable as any porn star he’s ever seen. His enthusiasm is downright engaging and he’s not shy when it comes to sex or showboating. In fact, he and his girlfriend were caught spinning sugar in a movie theatre once. They must have been pretty awesome ‘cuz they didn’t get kicked out.Trey strips down to show us his washboard abs, perfect bubble butt, 8-3/4” dick and a super pair of prairie oysters. He works his licorice stick with firm and deliberate strokes, then gyrates on the bed to display his ass. He continues jerking off, head tossed back, eyes closed – looking as tasty and appetizing as cotton candy. Watching Trey finally shoot his mancream across his sweat-glossed belly will definitely have you licking your chops.Hitting the shower, he lets us know how pleased he was with his performance. It was good for him and he looks forward to more porn in his future – either that or a singing career. Let’s hope for more porn or we’ll be left singing the blues.


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