Mikey Mike

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Categories tattoos, solo scene
Video Description: Could Mikey Mike be Vlad the impaler resurrected? This 27-year-old import from Romania is an impressive force with a muscled bod, a super pair of balls and a towering pole we'd all like to be impaled on. This guy screams danger and excitement. Even his first sexual experience was an intense thrill. He was riding a SeaDoo and wanted to see how it would feel 'being riddin' while riding on the waves. He was scared but it was a rush. I just have one question: What does he mean ... 'being riddin'? Now to the action at hand. Mikey Mike strips down and strokes his big uncut cock, lubing it with his spit. Playing to the camera he turns around, bending over to show us his pendulous balls and tight asshole. He slaps his asscheeks and reaches back to finger his sphincter. Now seated he continues playing with himself. He grunts; he pinches his nipples; he vigorously strokes faster and faster until he climaxes and cums. Mikey Mike sits there looking vanquished and so appetizing, especially with that great tattoo encircling his left nipple making it a prime target for us to sink our teeth into.


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