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Starring Phillip 2
Categories Solo Sex, Tattoos
Video Description: A newcomer to the site, Philip is a welcomed slab of fresh meat worth gobbling up. He's a quiet, no-nonsense guy who quickly sheds his gym shorts and begins to massage his cock. Lubing up with his spit, he plays with his pud, getting hard and more excited. His face is darkly handsome; his body is slender and smooth, his creamy skin marked with tattoos. His pubes have been manscaped to almost nothing, just a whisper of hair making his cock and balls look big and tasty. Phillip's manner is easy and confident as he continues to squeeze and pull on his cock and nutsac, nearing climax a couple of times, but not quite yet. He teases us some more as he wiggles and writhes on the chair, then down on the floor. Eyes shut closed in ecstasy, he finally shoots his wad, grunting and crying out as he unloads. Satisfied and exhausted, he lays there on the floor, his belly dotted and glistening with milky pools of jism.