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From: James
Video Description: If nothing else, this dark and swarthy, Mediterranean-looking stud is damn proud of his body. He works out 4 times a week and all that exercise has paid off. His last relationship lasted a year and a half, but she split and the 'bitch took my cell phone.' He liked to fuck her from behind and take control, riding her hard and ripping on her hair. (Gee, James, you wonder why she left your sweet ass!)James is a major hottie. He's lean, wiry, and muscled like crazy. He flexes and man, is he ripped! He looks great! Even flaccid, his sausage and meatballs hang big and low. Rubbing lube over his washboard abs and chest, he starts to work his tool. As he continues jerking off he teases his asshole with his fingers, then leans back and lifts his legs up high to show us his winking bunghole. Ready to climax, he stands up and announces, 'I'm fuckin' cumming' as he splatters his mancream over the black coffee table, emptying each juicy drop onto the ebony tabletop.


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