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From: Jake
Categories Bodybuilder, solo scene
Video Description: If you like your guys big, buffed and blond, then Jake is your man. This 27-year-old athlete has come all the way from Indianapolis to jack off for us. The idea of people gettin' off to him gettin' off is a pretty good turn-on. And his confidence and bravado are equally stimulating. Jake's muscled body is a result of all the sports he's played - football, basketball and baseball - and now rugby and golf. Of course he's got a girlfriend who doesn't know about this, but he might get drunk one day and say something. Who knows? Maybe she'll get off on the idea too.With no hesitation Jake strips off his clothes. This stud is in mighty fine shape as he flexes and struts about. He's got thick rugby legs, big balls (perfectly egg-shaped) and the roundest bubblebutt which he shows off with cheeky humor. Sitting down, he starts to massage his meat, his hand gripped tightly around the shaft riding it up and down. His thick cock becomes more flushed with every tug, just as his face reddens and beads with sweat. Jake is working it like a pro. He is so hot, so sexy, and he's right: who wouldn't get off watching him get off?


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