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Video Description: Reporting to Clay Towers's office, Alessio Romero gets the bad news he's been laid off. Worse yet, in order to get his severance pay, he's got to give it up to his sadistic supervisor. Alessio's no fool and Clay is pretty hot so he submits to his demands figuring that when one door closes another opens up ... like his ass and mouth. After some roughhousing when Clay strips down his hunky subordinate, groping, kissing and jerking him about, Alessio gets to work. He slavishly sucks on the boss' dick, guzzling the entire shaft down his throat and encouraging Clay to savagely facefuck him. Still, the big cheese wants more and zeroes in on Alessio's hole. He dives into his hairy crack to rim him, then shoves a couple of fingers inside his ass, prepping him for the intense buttjamming he's been planning. And Clay doesn't disappoint as he pierces Alessio's ass in a variety of positions with forceful and constant thrusts, culminating with both men unloading copious spurts of cream.