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Video Description: Cole Streets is on the floor with Vinnie D’Angelo’s big dick in his mouth. His lips are fixed tightly around the shaft as his head bobs back and forth. Vinnie instructs Cole what to do – “No hands ... suck my dick ... grab my balls” ­– and the younger man greedily complies. Then Cole lays down on the bed, his head hanging over the side, allowing Vinnie to stuff his dick down his throat, tickling his tonsils and almost making him gag. Soon both men are on the bed, 69ing and savoring each other’s beefsticks. Vinnie has Cole on his knees and begins to play with his ass. He licks and fingers the hole, tries stuffing Cole’s dickhead inside his own anus, and just slobbers all over it. Then he attacks that primed ass with his hard cock, slamming in and out. He makes Cole work for it, slapping his asscheeks and then having him sit on top to ride his cock. Getting him again from behind, Vince fucks Cole faster and faster, driving his cock deeper and deeper until he pulls out and cums all over.