Snow Trip, Vol. 15 - Reno

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Video Description: Colin Williams and Parker Perry lay in bed, bare-assed and wiped out after partying too hard the night before. A surefire cure for a hangover would be downing a concoction of prairie oysters, but Colin settles for Parker's big uncut dick and fuzzy eggs. He clamps his lips around the shaft and his head begins to bob up and down as he sucks on the thick stick. After a while they switch places so Parker can guzzle down his buddy's dick. Then Parker lays back with his legs spread far apart making it easy for Colin to rim his hairy ass and prime it for a fucking fierce enough to knock the stuffing outta him. Colin is like the Energizer Bunny in constant motion as he pumps his cock in fast and deep. Then he grabs a dildo and drives it way down Parker's hole. Laying back in bed, the guys grab their own dicks and stroke themselves to climax. Both cum in goopy spurts upwards across themselves with Parker even shooting himself in the eye as Colin unloads a second time.