Deception, Part 1

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Video Description: Josh Weston (non-sexual role) wanders around the farm and peeks in nearby window where he sees Jackson Price and Adam Wolfe getting hot and heavy in a room filled with dildos and sex toys. Wolfe eagerly licks, munches, and fingers Price's smooth butthole as Price groans and begs to get fucked. Wolfe obliges and shoves his huge cock up Price's ass, fucking him hard and rough. Wolfe makes Price suck on a huge dildo and then shoves it up the bottom's tight hole. Price rides the rubber dick like a pro while swallowing Wolfe's manhood and then getting fucked by the hot top until taking his huge messy load all over his chest. Wolfe then licks his own spunk off Price's smooth body then Price strokes out a huge load of his own. Wolfe scoops it up with his fingers and feeds Price his own cum which he eagerly gobbles up. Weston is caught and warned that they are all prisoners here, and that they will never be allowed to leave...