All Night Long

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Categories oral sex
Video Description: Jeff Hammond and Sean Dickson are stroking themselves by the pool...who'll make the first move? Thick hung Jeff Hammond walks over to hungry brunette Sean Dickson and feeds inch after rock-hard inch down Sean's throat. Stretched out on the deckchairs poolside, Sean takes Jeff's huge pole right down to the balls, feeling the thick cockmeat swell inside him as his own cock slides between the vinyl slats of the deckchair. Jeff places himself on Sean's face, wriggling his meaty asscheeks around Sean's eager wet tongue. Sean swirls his talented tongue aroound and around the puckered asslips, finally spearing Jeff's hole with his probing tongue. Jeff and sean stroke their cocks in tandem as Jeff rides Sean's face forcefully. On his back later, Sean grabs his feet and pulls his legs apart, allowing Jeff to slide easily and completely into Sean's hole. Jeff pounds Sean over and over again until he blows his load onto Sean's face, rubbing the sticky cum all over the young stud's sex-flushed face. As he feels Jeff's load run down his cheeks, Sean strokes himself to an amazing climax, his cum splattering everywhere.