Stiff Competition

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Video Description: All-American Brett Winters is busy on a ladder when sexy Michael more comes down the stairs and notices Brett's wholesome good looks. Michael makes up his mind there and then that he is going to have Brett. Michael reaches up and grabs Brett's heavy crotch. The stiff prick is in easy reach and Michael takes advantage, making a meal out of the stud's cock. He moves down and underneath the hot ass, licking the tight hole, tastinng the clean and sweet flesh. The two heated jocks move to the stairwell and Michael pushes Brett's head down between his legs...soon Brett is furiously sucking Michael's thick cock. Michael finger's Brett's quivering asshole, opening it wider and wider with each entry, in anticipation of a bigger intruder. Michael takes out a dildo and stuffs Brett's ass with the huge latex dick. Brett gets hotter and hotter with each thrust of the dildo and he soon grabs Michael's dick and shoves it in his mouth while he sits on the dildo. They shoot their loads hot and fast but still horny, the insatiable studs jerk their own dicks for round two in a contest to see who can shoot farther. Brett and Michael spray their loads far and wide. Looks like a tie to be broken in some future stiff competition.