Stiff Competition

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Video Description: Ted Cox and Jim Montana are in competition between their remote tys. The contest is over when Ted's bulldozer plows over Jim's Jeep. Horny Ted is determined that his victory give him the right to plow Jim's ass. Jim makes Ted wrestle him and Cox plins Montana's shoulders to the floor. Now Ted is relentless in taking his prize. These two are rubbing their taut ripling muscles and tonguing their stiff pricks. Ted moves in and starts to finger and then rim Jim's tight ass. Jim moans from the tingling heat of Ted's probing tongue penetrating his hole and begs the stud to fuck hem. Ted slams his big meat into Jim's ready ass. Jim is so excited by the pulsating prick that he soon positions himself to ride the dick, taking the long shaft all the way to the stud's heavy ball sac. Ted flips Jim over and begins to bulldoze the firm ass cheeks, ramming relentlessly as his balls slap against the surrendered ass. Building themselves into a hot frenzy, they soon erupt in pulsating jets of jism. The competition is over, the prize awarded, but Montana ask Cox for a rematch.


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