Stiff Competition

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Video Description: Trainer Glenn Steers puts Danny Brown and Storm through a grueling session of sit-ups. Danny Brown produces a few more sit-ups than Storm so Glenn awards his dick to Danny as reward. Danny swallows every inch of Glenn's monster cock while Storm gets hard watching the action. Joining in, Storm works Glenn's ass and plays with Danny's hole. Glenn throws Danny onto the steps and piledrives his ass from behind. Storm works his way in to suck Danny's cock then slips his own cock into Danny's hungry mouth. Glenn lets loose his animal drive and fucks Danny wildly, first grabbing his hair and forcing his head onto Storm's cock, then he lifts the writhing jock off the floor and carries him as he continuously fucks him, across the room onto the bed. Glenn pounds Danny's ass so hard it forces them to slide across the bed and onto the floor. Unexpectedly, Glenn turns his attention to Storm and fucks the cocky dude mercilessly. Danny begs for Glenn's cock and proceeds to thrust himself onto it while sucking on Storms hot cock. The three hot men spill over the edge of excitement and cum in rivers.